Our company established a general sales agent(GSA) for international Aircargo carriers in 1985. We have partnered with famous airline companies as the first GSA in Japan, played a major role as a point of contact for air carriage from Japan and made a significant contribution to this industry up to today. We have entered into exclusive agency agreements with the Pan American World Airways (commonly known as Pan Am), Virgin Atlantic Airways, UPS, Japan Air System (present JAL), Air Canada, Delta Airways and other international air carriers and is supporting the export-oriented economy of Japan from the shadows. The aviation industry is becoming more and more complicated due to rapid globalization and technological development of aircraft. The air cargo business is being influenced by many changes in the present world such as an increase in cargo space due to an increase in aircraft size, the widespread use of the LCC, recent great success of air carriers of developing countries, and hollowing out of industry as a result of long-term appreciation of the yen. So far we have succeeded in building relationships of trust with more than 100 forwarders through many years of experience as a GSA for international air cargo carriers. In order to enhance those relationships, we started the business of dispatching personnel trained in international trade in 2011. I am pleased to report that more than 25 client companies are now using our trade administration services provided by more than 50 staff of our company. We recruit excellent personnel, teach them the basics of trading, enhance their level of knowledge and skills, and provide superior services to the clients. Trade administration services require high precision, quality and speed. Our personnel are given practical and intensive training on international trade services on an on-site basis. In the future, Japanese companies are expected to provide mold new services speedily to survive more and more severe global competition as a consequence of the TPP and other regional trade agreements. In these times of harsh competition, it is very important to develop human resources into ‘human assets’. We believe that it is absolutely necessary to secure human assets through education in order to provide excellent services continuously. We are determined to contribute to the Japanese society through GAS services for air cargo carriers, education on international trading and personnel dispatch services and to accomplish our mission as a pioneer of the air carrier industry.

Best regards.

Shinji Sato President & CEO International Aircargo System, Inc.